Initial Consult

Your first appointment is all about getting to know each other, beginning the discovery process of what is happening with your health, identifying your health goals and how I can help you to achieve them. 

Acute Consultations

Our acute consultations are short, targeted consultations suitable for acute or self-limiting conditions where you feel like you need a little natural healing support.

Proative Wellbeing

At Naturae Health we favour a proactive approach to health and wellbeing.

The current state of our nation’s health is poor and it’s clear that a medical model based on sickness care rather than healthcare isn’t adequate.

Report of Findings

This is the first appointment following your initial consultation.  We will discuss the results of any testing that has been conducted and your progress with the initial treatment plan and any prescribed items, 

Sustainable Weight Management

The focus of this consultation is sustainable weight management which includes strategies to achieve and maintain an individually healthy weight for life.  

The initial appointment includes many of the features of our regular initial consultation, however our focus is a little different.


Meal Plan

This is a comprehensive, holistic meal planning service which considers your current diet, health status, nutritional requirements, lifestyle and preferences, and is carefully created to benefit you as an individual.

Standard Review

These appointments are scheduled at your convenience to allow us to monitor and review the progress of your treatment plan, to identify strengths and challenges and to modify the plan as required.

Weight Management Package

At Naturae Health our approach to weight management is in line with our approach to all areas of health, it’s all about optimising your health and wellbeing using holistic principles and a personalised, supportive approach

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of conflicting information available regarding weight management.