meal plan

Meal Planning Package $195 –  Includes 30-minute online consultation, comprehensive personalised diet and lifestyle health assessment, individualised 2-week meal plan with full colour recipes, nutrition information and shopping list.

At Naturae Health our approach to nutrition is all about optimising your health and well-being using holistic principles and a personalised, supportive approach.

Our meal planning service considers your current diet, health status, nutritional requirements, lifestyle and preferences, and is carefully created to benefit you as an individual.


This service is ideal for those with specific health goals, diagnosed health conditions, those changing their diet for health or ethical reasons and those wishing to optimise their health through diet.

With so much conflicting information available regarding the best way to eat, it's easy to become overwhelmed.  At Naturae we take the stress out of nutritional planning and work collaboratively with you to create a practical and easy to follow meal plan that best suits your individual needs.

Please note that medical and functional testing and prescribed items including nutritional supplements and herbal medicines are not included in the cost of your meal plan and a full initial Naturopathic consultation will be necessary if you require these services.


Contact me here if you would like further details regarding our Meal Planning Service.