Mental health

Mental illness is very common, with almost half of all Australian’s experiencing a mental illness in their lifetime.

There are multiple contributing factors that can lead to deteriorating mental and emotional health so it is important that treatment is holistic and person centred.


Naturopathic treatment aims to treat the whole person, identifying causative factors, moving beyond symptomatic treatment and supporting long term wellbeing.

In some cases, gentle Naturopathic interventions may be adequate to restore a person to optimal health, and in others the holistic approach of Naturopathy makes it an excellent adjunctive treatment to conventional interventions.

At Naturae Health our approach to treating mental health conditions is:


  • Judgement free

  •  Always focussed on your individual needs 

  •  Supportive – our role is to support your choices and to support you in emotional and physical wellbeing

  • Collaborative – we happily work with the other practitioners in your care team

  • Holistic – we consider all areas of your life and health and work with you to develop a treatment plan

  •  Balanced – we respect the role of medications in treatment and are mindful of potential interactions

  • Transparent – we encourage communicating with your treating Doctor that you are seeking treatment with a Naturopathic practitioner and full disclosure of any prescribed items

  • Innovative – we think outside the box to help provide you with the tools that you need, based on your individual circumstances

  • Diverse - treatment may include supported lifestyle change, dietary modification, nutritional therapies, and herbal medicine

  • Comprehensive - we may identify other supportive therapies that can benefit you and will facilitate referral at your request

  •  Ethical - we are mindful of our scope of practice and will always assist you in a way that is appropriate and serves your best interests

We are happy to chat with you to provide further information or to discuss how we can support your mental health and wellbeing.