What is a 'Healthy Diet' & the versatility of hummus (recipe included)

One of the interesting aspects of working in the healthcare industry, particularly working so much with nutrition and lifestyle is that everybody wants to know what I eat! I was a little unprepared for exactly HOW interested some people might be (!) and I now find myself routinely sharing images of my food on social media, something I NEVER thought I would do!

I think perhaps this is in part because of the huge volume of conflicting information regarding food and diet that is now bombarding us anytime we find ourselves in front of a screen. There is much confusion and in truth there is a lot of misinformation floating around out there in google-land. I'm encouraged to see that many people are becoming more info savvy and are reaching out to appropriately qualified people to answer their food, diet and health related questions. It's fair to say however, that many changes are still required in the pr