Proactive wellbeing

Proactive Wellbeing Package

 3 consults (1 x 1.5 hour, 1 x 1 hour & 1 x 40 minutes) + email review and resources $345

A Naturae Health we favour a proactive approach to health and wellbeing.

The current state of our nation’s health is poor and it’s clear that a medical model based on sickness care rather than healthcare isn’t adequate.

Preventative healthcare and a holistic, individualised approach to optimising health and wellbeing are core values of Naturopathy.  This is in alignment with a growing number of people who value health as a priority, wish to optimise their well-being and enjoyment of life and understand that their actions now can impact their future health.

Holistic healthcare provides an excellent platform for assessing your state of health and accessing supported lifestyle change to move towards a healthier future.


Our wellness care model is:

  • Empowering  

  • Engaging

  • Personalised

  • Practical

  • Evidence based


Each programme is designed to suit the individual and includes:

  • A comprehensive clinical history and health assessment

  • Referral for and assessment of appropriate medical and functional testing 

  • Dietary assessment and supported implementation of dietary change

  • Lifestyle assessment including sleep, stress, work, social connection and goal setting

  • Consideration of existing medical diagnoses, personal medical history and family medical history

Your wellness plan may incorporate:

  • Food as medicine

  • Supported dietary modification including recipes

  • Supported lifestyle change

  • Supported behavioural and change management

  • Individualised nutritional and herbal medicines

  • Access to our referral network as required

  • Access to ongoing support and monitoring

  • Resources which support your unique goals

All well-being programmes include an extensive initial consultation and health assessment (1 hour consult + 30 mins research and assessment), a second programme delivery appointment (1 hour), a short review appointment and two email check-ins.


Additional review appointments or check-ins may be booked at any time by arrangement.

We offer flexible programme options including short check-in appointments, online appointments, email and phone check-ins and treatment reviews to suit your needs and schedule.

Please note medical and functional testing and prescribed items including nutritional supplements and herbal medicines are not included in the cost of your programme and pricing will always be discussed with you if they are recommended


Contact me here if you would like further details regarding the Naturae Health Wellbeing approach or book an appointment to get started.