Report of Findings

Report of Findings Consult - 60 minutes - $120

This is the first appointment following your initial consultation.  

Today we will discuss your progress with the initial treatment plan and any prescribed items, whether they are a good fit for you and your lifestyle and whether any adjustments may need to be made.  

We will also discuss the results of any testing which has been conducted since we last met, any further research which I have conducted on your behalf, dietary and/or symptom diary assessments and how these will inform your treatment plan.  


Many clients have additional issues or questions which have occurred to them following their first consultation and we will make time to cover these too.

Following your Report of Findings appointment, a more comprehensive treatment plan will be provided via email within 24 hours, incorporating changes made following the review and building upon our initial progress.  

Prescribed items as appropriate, including repeat prescriptions, will be arranged and details of these noted on your treatment plan.  


Often at this stage we will discuss the likely time required to be allocated to treatment and arrange an appointment schedule that suits you.  Appointments may include email check in, phone check in, and additional online consultations.