Standard review

Standard Review Consultation – 40 minutes $80  

These appointments are scheduled at your convenience to allow us to monitor and review the progress of your treatment plan, to identify strengths and challenges and to modify the plan as required.

All review appointments are available online, or via phone call if you prefer.

Standard review appointments may include the following:

  • a review of your current state of health

  • assessment of symptoms and treatment progress

  • assessment of prescribed items and modification as required

  • discussion of further testing as required

  • review of your health goals

Clinically we find that regular reviews are the best way to access support, stay motivated, ensure that progress is built upon and treatment momentum is maintained.  

A schedule of review appointments to suit you can be designed at any stage of your treatment programme and reviews may be booked for 2 – 6 weekly intervals depending on your personal circumstances and treatment requirements.  


This is your health journey and we are here to accommodate you!


Longer and shorter review appointments are also available:

Short review: 20 minutes $40

Long review: 60 Minutes $120