Sustainable weight


The focus of this consultation is sustainable weight management which includes strategies to achieve and maintain an individually healthy weight for life.  

The initial appointment includes many of the features of our regular initial consultation, however our focus is a little different. Your first appointment is a discovery process of what is happening with your health, your health goals and how I can help you to achieve them. 

Together we will discuss:

  • your health and wellness history

  • any diagnosed health conditions

  • your personal weight history

  • your family health history

  • current lifestyle factors such as stress, sleep and exercise

  • a brief overview of your diet

  • health and well-being priorities

  • how I can support you in achieving your health goals

If you have a long or complicated health history we may cover the most important aspects in this first consultation and to ensure a holistic approach, continue our discussion at your next visit.

An initial physical assessment will be conducted and may include:

  • hair, skin and nails assessment

  • tongue assessment

  • iris photos

  • recording of weight and measurements

  • referral to your GP or pharmacist for blood pressure and pulse

  • referral for baseline blood tests

We will discuss ways to measure your progress and this may incorporate body composition analysis, simple body measurements, keeping a journal, specific clothing item related measurements, feelings and emotional assessments and well-being assessments.

At the end of your appointment we will agree upon an initial plan in brief and within 24 hours you will receive your first treatment plan via email.  

This will include a diet and symptom diary which will be assessed using our dietetic software prior to your first review appointment. Initial diet and lifestyle modifications, referrals for any testing we have agreed upon and links and resources to help you build your knowledge and take charge of your well-being are also included in the initial treatment plan

If nutritional or herbal medicines are prescribed at your initial appointment, prescription details will be included on your treatment plan.

We will usually schedule your Report of Findings appointment for 2 weeks following your first appointment to provide optimal support.