At Naturae Health we offer a wide range of general and functional pathology testing which can provide valuable insight into the underlying causes of disease and dysfunction.

We are selective about the testing that we recommend, first conducting a detailed consultation and then offering suggestions and deciding on the best course of action collaboratively with each client.

For routine pathology testing such as blood glucose, cholesterol, iron panels etc we are happy to write a referral letter to your GP so that they can decide whether or not to order testing covered by Medicare.  We are also able to provide a recommendation for pathology testing which you are able to order online.

An extensive range of functional testing is available, covering all areas of health including hormonal health, environmental exposure and toxic burden, gut and microbiome, mental health, allergy and intolerance, genetics and wellness.  Tests of note include:

  • Hair tissue mineral analysis

  • Comprehensive food sensitivity testing

  • Methylation markers

  • Microbiome testing

  • Comprehensive hormone testing, including DUTCH test

  • Cortisol & Adrenal hormone profile

  • Inflammatory markers

  • Liver function testing

  • Urinary Pyrroles

  • SIBO testing

  • Intestinal permeability/Zonulin

Please contact us to discuss how testing may benefit you.