Weight management

At Naturae Health our approach to weight management is in line with our approach to all areas of health. It Is all about optimising your health and wellbeing using holistic principles and a personalised, supportive approach.  

Whether your goal is to gain weight, lose excess weight or maintain a weight that you’re happy with, we will consult with you to create a plan that fits with your lifestyle and is sustainable.

Research consistently supports the idea that there are multiple, productive ways to manage body weight.  Implementing sustainable, long term changes and accessing adequate support dramatically increase a person’s ability to maintain a healthy weight once the active phase of a weight management programme is completed.

We will consult with you to uncover the physical, emotional, psychological, social and community drivers that are relevant to your specific circumstances and work with you to provide you with the tools you need to positively manage these in the long term.

Key aspects of our weight management programmes include:

  • Our programmes always aim to maximise nutrition and ensure you are able to absorb and utilise the nutrients from food in a way that is optimal for you

  • We will ask you what works for you and what doesn’t to ensure that your plan is specifically suited to you

  • You choose the level of support you need.  Weekly check-ins? Sure! Monthly? No problem.  Whatever works for you, we can make it happen

  • We will take a thorough health history at your first consultation and this will help us to identify further investigations and testing that may support you in achieving your goals. We can arrange testing for you too

  • Underlying health conditions can be addressed alongside your weight management programme, improving your overall health and wellbeing and helping you to achieve your weight related goals

  • We will use nutritional and herbal medicines as appropriate to support your progress and overall good health

  • Should there be aspects of your healing or progress that would benefit from referral to other health professionals such as counsellors or musculoskeletal specialists we will identify this for you and refer with your consent

At Naturae Health we support health at every size and we encourage you to find goals that lift you up, maximise your potential and support your best health outcomes.


If our approach resonates with you, contact us for a chat!